Sunday, 29 April 2012

Get a 6 month free activating lisence key for Norton antiviruse, McAfee internet security ,Trent micro and sophos antiviruse for facebook

Facebook is now less afraid because they have brought together hand with the world top class anti virus accompanies like Trend Micro, Microsoft, McAfee, Symantic and Spohos. Facebook has established its own anti virus market from you are able to download the software package for Free.

It is 6 month subscription program and tends free of charge. This step is made appropriate to assure the accounts of Facebook users. As you know Facebook is among the most widely employed internet site these days. Security is always big consequence and you may have ascertained spam links and videos on your profile. Now with the innovation of Facebook Anti Virus marketplace you are able to protect your account in better way.

This move has enabled Facebook to improve its URL blacklisting system and strengthened at that place anti spam organization. Malicious URL database has been produced wherever altogether the spam links will be supplemented continuously basis so that so much spammers can be removed easily.

Free Antiviruse

Facebook Anti Virus Marketplace   

Precisely to let you know Facebook hasn't established its own anti virus software but cooperated with the higher up mention 5 accompanies. You will be able to get one of the following anti virus software system free for 6 months to assure you Facebook account.

  1.     Microsoft Security Essential [Free]
  2.     Norton Anti Virus [Free for 6 months]
  3.     McAfee Internet Security 2012 [6 Months]
  4.     Trend Micro Internet Security [6 Months]
  5.     Sophos Anti Virus for Mac Home Edition [Free]

Facebook admits you to only download 1 software package from the marketplace for your history protection. Appropriate to download the software visit the link at a lower place and grab your copy free for 6 months.

Aside from employing an up-to-date antivirus solution on your PC and MAC exploiters besides need to take special care while using there Facebook account, here is an instructive prophylactic info graphic to accept essential forethought. PDF edition of the guide and link to download free licensed antivirus software at the end of this post.

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