Monday, 30 April 2012

How to Send Profile Pics in Facebook Chat


Facebook is rolling out new features continuously. Recently they overhauled the complete profile view by enabling Timeline. Now they also enabled images in Facebook chat. These images mean you can send profile pic of a Facebook user in chat. The user may or may not be in your friend list. You need to have the User Id or Username of the user.
How to Send Profile Pics in Facebook Chat:
Login to your Facebook Account

Visit the profile of the user or group whose image you want to send.
Copy the Username or User ID from address bar.

Now in chat-box type he username or user id in following format:

[[Username]] or [[User ID]]

For Sharing the picture of Computer Rex type [[ComputerRexx]]

This can result in disappearance of default smileys used in Facebook as you will get better visual images to express your emotions.

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