Monday, 30 April 2012

Trick to create a Facebook Username and Have Email Address


You'll be able to have your own customized URL for your Facebook profile like will make your profile attractive and you are able to easily refer someone to your profile by giving way this easy to remember Facebook URL.The additional profit of making customized URL is that you'll automatically get username@facebook.comemail are able to use this fresh e-mail address ( to log-in into your Facebook account
Deception to make a Facebook Username :-

Log-in in to your Facebook Account.
Click on Account–> Account Settings.


Search the Username area and click on the Edit button.

Account setting

In the text box type your username that you want to set. Facebook server will check for the username in its database whether it is available or not.

General Account setting

Later on applying your username click on Save changes button and go to your Profile. You'll see your visibility link as

While arranging your username be careful because you are able to create this username only once.

Trick to Get Email Address:-

To bring about a address, attend your Messages view and click the Claim your Facebook email link.

Now you'll also be capable to login into your Facebook Account with instead of any other Email Address. At the Facebook login Page enter your facebook username along with i.e. and enter your password. Your Facebook homepage will be open.

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