Sunday, 7 October 2012

Make Free Calls To Any Phones In Any Part Of The World

Make Free Calls To Any Phones

The telephone is a good way to talk to people without having to offer them a drink.
Calling up your dear one who lives in abroad will cost you dearly. You always keep an eye on your clock as it ticks away eating all your currency. You soon want to cut the call as money matters a lot. Well, I have something special for you this holiday season. Free calls!!! Yes, you heard it right. How about speaking by spending nothing.That’s crazy and you would crave for it.
EvaPhone is a website where you can make free international phone calls from your PC. The calls can be made to almost any country in the world. Moreover you can make free calls both to landlines and mobile phone numbers.

Eva Phone

The only thing is that your calls are limited to certain length. The free call duration varies depending on the call destination and line provider. The maximum free call allowance for some countries can go up to 5 minutes per call and 2 calls per day.
When it comes to calling you don’t have to download or install anything, simply dial the country code and the number where you want to call.

Make free short calls to any landlines or mobile worldwide.
Duration of free call depends on location and the line provider.
See free call destination list and the amount of free minutes here.
No sign up or registration needed.

How to make a call?

Its pretty simple.

1>> Visit their website here .

2>> Choose the country associated with the phone number you’re dialing.

3>> The country code will automatically be inserted.

4>> Enter the phone number you’d like to make the free call to.

5>>  Finally, click the phone icon( the green one).

6>> A short video advertisement will appear.

7>> When it’s over, you’ll see “Calling…”, “Ringing…” and then “Call is scheduled to end in:” behind the video. Feel free to close the video. Have Fun.


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