Friday, 19 October 2012

The Best Smart Phones: The Choice For The Mobile Professional

The Best Smart Phones

Smaller, faster and increased flexibility is a mantra for the personal electronics market. Ten years back portable computers were the tool of choice for the mobile professional in allowing them to take the applications they needed on the road. Now with the best smart phones allowing that same computing power to be in your pocket there is a shift to these devices.

The modern smart phone allows several needed and desired features to be in one easy to use device. This device on one side allows to take pictures, surf the internet and text friends. For work you can use the same device to read email, record notes and put an appointment on your web based calendar. That is why the sales of these machines in increasing yearly as people use them as their main personal organizer.

Many companies provide the operating system for modern phones with Google and Apple being the leaders in the market. Apple uses the iOS on the iPhone with Android being the creation of Google that is used on a range of these smart devices. Windows Mobile is used by Microsoft with Blackberry OS used on phones by that company.

When comparison shopping between the different models look at the specifications of the devices you are looking to buy. If you need to run several applications on the phone look at the processor speed of the models. The better models usually have processors at 1 GHz or dual cores which are two processors in one. If you are into video or taking pictures the megapixels available the in the camera are important. Look for units in the 5 to 8 megapixel range with some units going into the 10 megapixel range in the near future. Make a list of what each phone has in features and compare the lists.

The aspects of battery life and screen size are the next points to look at. Battery life will vary depending on what you use your phone for but in general the longer the battery will last in use and in stand by the better. Combine that with screen size which gives you the viewing and working room for your virtual keyboard or other input tools and you have two other factors you can weigh in when making your choice.

After market parts and accessories are the next item to look at when buying a phone. Do a search on your model of phone and add accessories to the end to create a list. How many places provide both components and accessories for your phone. How many of those parts and items can you get through a local store or company. The ability to get a battery or a headset easily may make a older choice a better option than a newer phone.

Then look at the plans from the provider you want to choose and look online for how well they support phones. Comparing providers will provide you the best price for your money on the amount of data, texting and calling that you need. And some research on the companies will show those who offer the highest levels of support if you need that.

The options you have with the best smart phones is increasing quickly as more individuals decide to make these part of their toolkit. They can leverage what you have with your internet accounts and stand in or replace several tools you now have. Taking an educated look, comparing your choices and then picking the best option for you will give you the freedom and flexibility of being able to take it with you.

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