Monday, 8 October 2012

Make Portable Version Of Any Software

Make Portable Version Of Any Software

Now a days almost everybody carries a pen-drive whether he is a IT professional or a home User.There are a lot of software's that you want to carry with you so that you can open them anywhere without any installations.Here is the solution to create a portable version of any software.Moreover you can also create a package of software.

Consider you love using opera browser and addicted to its user interface.You can create the portable version of opera with java and flash already installed in the opera.So you are not creating a portable version of your favorite browser instead you are creating a portable executable package file that has opera with flash and java already installed in it.

Your Opera Package= Opera Browser+Java+Flash+Add-on

You can create a portable package of your choice of software.

Here is the complete step by step tutorial to Make Portable Version Of any Software Using Cameyo

1. Download the Cameyo software.Its completely free.Click Here to Download the Software

2. Install the software.

3. Now Click on Start->Cameyo->Capture Software Installation

4. Install the software into your system whose portable version you want to create.

5. After Complete installation of the software click on the Install Done of the cameyo screen.

6. Now it will create a portable version of your installed software which you can carry and run anywhere without any installation.

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