Thursday, 4 October 2012

Google Logo Is Floating Under The Water

Google Logo Is Floating Under The Water

Recently I found an amazing page, where I notice that the Google logo is floating under the water with shark and fishes.Its looks like same as Google Gravity.In their you can search any image and it will show the results than the image will goes on under water.The more you click on search link the more images will fall.
When you visit this cool page than type any keyword like Facebook or Twitter and than you will get some images result which will fall and goes down in under water.Since the text is in Chinese language which we can’t understand but we know that this is only a “Google Search” button link.Moreover, when you hit the other button you will get a coin of the symbol of “G” and a ”trophy cup”. Have fun this amazing Google page, trying moving the elements with your mouse.

Click Here to go through it.

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